Skitter – A Slick, Free jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Skitter is a slick, modern jQuery slideshow plugin with 30 different animations, two types of navigation and many options to customize!

There are several options offered for maximum customization like:

  • Animation type: cube, block,  horizontal, showBars,  tube, fade, paralell, blind, circles, circlesInside, circlesRotate, cubeShow, upBars, downBars, hideBars, swapBars, swapBarsBack, swapBlocks, cut, random, randomSmart
  • Loading: HTML or XML
  • Navigation:  Numbers, Thumbs, Dots, Dots with preview
  • Options: Hide Tools, Randomly Sliders, Play/Pause, Focus Slideshow, Numbers/dots align, Progress Bar, Enable Navigation Keys
  • Views: Mini-slides, Multiple instances, Fullscreen

The Skitter slideshow is also available as a Plugin for WordPress or you can download it as helper for CakePHP.

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