HTML5 Responsive Blank WordPress Theme

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HTML5 Blank is a responsive blank theme for rapid WordPress development. Is a powerful, robusr shell for rapidly deploying your WordPress projects.

HTML5 Blank is not a simple theme, it includes various tools, functions and setups to get any WordPress theme deployed and coded within minutes.


  • Basic Semantic HTML5 Markup
  • Responsive Ready, ViewPort meta data
  • Clean, neatly organised code, with PHP annotations
  • Replaced built-in WordPress enqueue with Google CDN
  • Protocol relative jQuery if Google CDN offline (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Modernizr feature detection, HTML5 element support for legacy, progressive enhancement (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • DOM Ready JavaScript file setup (scripts.js) for instant JavaScript development
  • HTML5 Boilerplate reset
  • Media Queries framework for instant development using @media
  • @font-face empty framework with Fonts folder setup ready for new custom fonts
  • CSS3 custom selection styles
  • Default WordPress classes
  • Inline print styles (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Body element config, including Optimize Legibility for kerning and font-smoothing
  • Replaced focus styles to avoid blue blur in field elements, replaced with border
  • Built in Pagination, no plugins (strips out prev + next post and gives page numbers)
  • Localization language support, all PHP strings setup for language packs
  • Tonnes of built-in timesavers, snippets
  • Optimised Google Analytics in footer (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Widget Area Sidebar support, functions in place to get developing
  • Custom Search Form included (searchform.php) – fully editable
  • Tags support for showing Post Tags
  • Category support for showing the Category of post
  • Author support showing the author
  • Demo Custom Page Template for expansion

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