Unslider – Lightweight Responsive jQuery Slider

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Unslider is a lightweight  Slider jQuery plugin (<1kb minified and gzipped) that slide anything inside an unordered list.


  • Cross-browser happy: Unslider’s been tested in all the latest browsers, and it falls back magnificently for the not-so-latest ones.
  • Keyboard support: It has arrow support.
  • Adjusts for height: Not all slides are created equal, and Unslider knows it. It’ll stylishly transition heights with no extra code.
  • Responsive: You’ll be hard pressed to find a site that’s not responsive these days. Unslider’s got your back.
  • Lightweight and simple: Unslider doesn’t need any really awkward markup. In fact, all you need is a div and an unordered list.

Although it’s lightweight, Unslider comes with a range of options to customise your slider: speed, delay, keys, dots, fluide, etc.

jQuery Framework
License Free
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