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Sails is a Javascript framework designed to mimic the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails but with support for the requirements of modern apps: data-driven APIs with scalable, service-oriented architecture. It makes the process of building custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps easier, especially APIs, single page apps and realtime features, like chat,  realtime dashboards, or multiplayer games.

Sails.js does a few things other Node.js MVC frameworks can’t do:

  • Sails.js is database agnostic. Its ORM, Waterline, provides a simple data access layer that works, no matter what database you’re using.
  • Sails.js automatically generates a RESTful JSON API for your app. That means you don’t have to write any backend code to build simple database apps.
  • Realtime requests are routed to your controllers the same way as everything else: with resourceful conventions and URL mappings.
  • Sails.js provides basic security and role-based access control by default, and you can add as many custom policies as you like.
  • Because Express and share the same configurable session store, all of your secuity policies are reused for realtime WebSocket requests as well.
  • Sails.js has automatic asset minification. In the past, you had to manually link to the CSS and JavaScript for your UI. Not anymore. With Sails, you just put your files in the proper folder and they are automatically included in your layout. Then, when you’re ready to go into production, they are minified and gzipped to preserve as much bandwidth as possible. That makes it easy to push your assets out to a CDN like CloudFront and make things load even faster.
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