Kickstrap – A complete bootstrap kit for making websites

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The first of its kind, Kickstrap is a no-install front-end framework based on Bootstrap with apps, themes, and extras – a complete kit for making websites.

Bootstrap UI

The Bootstrap Library is bundled and layered.

You decide which CSS and JS components from Bootstrap to use as you develop but never edit Bootstrap’s code directly. This means you can keep the Bootstrap layer up-to-date without overwriting your existing code.

Goodbye tangled wires, hello apps

Drag and drop in extra functionality.

No more complicated documentation on getting jQuery plugins and other projects working. When authors bundle their projects as Kickstrap “apps,” Kickstrap knows exactly how to run projects and their dependencies.

Everything agnostic.

Too many frameworks promise to make your life easy only to require you to install obscure dependencies. Kickstrap is ready out of the box. Just put Kickstrap on your server and begin making your website.

Kickstrap is a composition of HTML, JavaScript, and LESS (a CSS preprocessor which makes writing CSS a snap)

Due to its simple construction and needing no install, Kickstrap has been deployed successfully on all kinds of operating systems, platforms, and languages.

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