Navgoco – Multilevel Slide Menu

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Navgoco is a simple JQuery plugin which turns a nested unordered list of links into a beautiful vertical multi-level slide navigation, with ability to preserve expanded submenus between sessions by using cookies and optionally act as an accordion menu.

You can pass these options as key/value object during activation to alter the default behaviour:

  • caret: raw html appended into parent links: <a href=”#link”>Item<span></span></a>
  • accordion: enable accordion mode.
  • openClass: CSS class to be added in open parent li.
  • save: preserve expanded sub-menus between session. If jquery.cookie is not included it will be automatically turned off.
  • cookie
  • slide: slide duration in milliseconds & slide easing function (linear|swing) for the transition
  • Callbacks: with the options you can also pass callback functions to extend the plugin’s functionality.
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