Transit – CSS transitions for jQuery

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jQuery Transit is a plugin that help you do super-smoot CSS transformations and transitions in jQuery.

With jQuery Transit you can make transitions from any CSS property (with easing if you want). They will happen much smoother than if you were to use jQuery’s default .animate(). You can do 2D transformations like translate, skew, rotate and scale or 2D transformations like rotate x, rotate y or rotate 3D.

You have lots of options to help you in your project:

  • Delay: You can specify a delay.
  • Optional units: All units (eg, px, deg, ms) are optional.
  • $.fn.css: Transform properties work with .css() as well. They’re not just for animation!
  • Vendor prefixes: Vendor prefixes are auto-added for transform, transition, and others
  • Chaining & queuing: Transit uses jQuery’s effect queue, exactly like .animate. This means transitions will never run in parallel. (You can disable the queue with queue: false.)
  • Alternate easing/duration syntax: You can provide easing and duration in the options. Great with CoffeeScript.
  • Relative values: Start your values with either += or -= to add/subtract to current values.
  • Transformation origins: You can use transformOrigin to get/set where rotations and scales start from.
  • Getting values: Use .css() to get values from any of the transformations defined by Transit.

jQuery Framework
MIT License
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